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invite to read... [05 Sep 2006|04:06pm]


Here's an article I posted this morning in my journal that you may enjoy. It's at:


PS--I'm searching for adult friends who are interested and can spell. If so, please add me and I'll do you too.

Have a good day.
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Rare books about Bible in the Internet [27 Aug 2006|09:07pm]

Dear friends,

I want invite you to our site with rare books about the Bible - http://bible.zoxt.net . It has several faximile yet:

English Hexapla 1841. Greek New Testament according to Scholtz with 6 ancient English translations: Wiclif 1380, Tyndale 1534, Cranmer 1539, Geneva 1557, Rheims 1582, Authorised 1611

Alfred W. Pollard "Records of the English Bible. The Documents Relating to the Translation and Publication of the Bible in English, 1525-1611". Henry Frowde, Oxford University Press, London, 1911

William Jennings, M.A. Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament (Peshitta), The Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1926

Massoreth Ha-Massoreth of Elias Levita, being an exposition of the massoretic notes on the Hebrew Bible, or the ancient critical apparatus of the Old Testament in Hebrew, with an English translation, and critical and explanatory notes, by Christian D. Ginsburg, LL. D.

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[17 Jul 2006|02:15am]

Read only if you have time for GodCollapse )
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[28 Jun 2006|09:48am]


Starting this Sunday, a new church hits Phoenix.

I have been part of Grace and Glory Fellowship for a little while now. We have been meeting on Tuesday nights as a home group near Metro Center.

I personally have enjoyed having a place to go to meet with my peers and be fed by the Word and Spirit of God. This is a modern church where I feel loved and accepted "as is" without the generic feeling I get from some of the watered down places who try to gear towards young people.

This Sunday will be our first Public Meeting. We will be sharing the building with the established "Hip Hop Church", 5th Element. We’ll be bringing the "Rock & Roll" side.

7:00 pm
3026 N 33rd Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85017

If this sounds like something you’re interested, please check out our website, and feel free to message me.


To Reach The Nations
And Disciple The Generations
To Worship The Father
To Know The Son
And To Live By The Spirit Of God

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Christian group activities [23 Jun 2006|01:55pm]

So I like going out and being social - and I'd love to do this with fellow Christians. Does anyone know of a good website, church, or general group that plans activities on a regular (weekly) basis to movies, coffeehouses, bowling alleys, trailwalking, museums, etc etc etc? If not, how many of you would like to form one?
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